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Nick the Paedophile accuser made it all up

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    And so in the end Nick made it all up (https://news.sky.com/story/carl-beec…-ring-11768340) and faces Perjury charges.

    The accused who have had the worst time imaginable speak of their anger and one can only look back in sadness at those who died while the entirely false allegations ruined the final years of their lives.

    Of course those who were pushing the knife in at the time – Tom Watson for example – are stuttering away around “taken out of context” and “not what I actually said” and so forth, but it is sad that it will mean so little to them. They will go home, have their tea and just put it out of their minds, while the accused have a permanent blight on their character.

    Of course Hausamee, you’ll pick up the next piece of gossip to put hte boot into politicians, or whoever your next target is, without a word of thought for the real actual damage it does to people. The internet is a terrible place in regards this sort of activity and their is (for me anyway) an argument that the internet should not be a free for all, it should be a controlled and monitored environment where when you post something, you do it under your real identity.

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